Monday, June 10, 2013

So Now What? Life After College: An Introduction

College can be some of the best years of your life, but what happens after graduation? With the tough economy, increased costs of living and outsourcing of jobs, what’s a recent graduate to do?

The plan seemed straightforward: graduate from college, land a job and then breeze through work like it’s the first day of school. Only you’re no longer a student and there aren't any teachers or a syllabus to follow. Heck, some of your office peers have children your age...

You had no idea how drastically different the professional world would be from college life. Nine-to-five workdays, unfamiliar faces, rent to pay, no more summer vacation (ugh)… It’s enough to make you curl up into a teary-eyed ball beneath your cubicle...

But then you remembered that saying your mom, pastor, rabbi, wise old neighbor, grandpa, overly compassionate friend etc. always used to say, that you always never listened to: "It could always be worse." And for once, you know its true, because you could have been in this situation...

Imagine: Graduation season has come and gone, and as you watch all your peers begin to land those finance and accounting jobs, you begin to seriously wonder why you thought it would be a good idea to save the world or become a journalist...

Even sitting at your computer to get your daily dose of Facebook becomes a self depreciating task. As all the business school kids make status updates about signing the lease to their new NYC apartments, you are sulking and packing your clothes into large garbage bags to move back in with your parents. (Because really, whats worse than having a home to come back to!?!)

Your job search is going just as bad as your attitude. You've updated, revised and edited your resume a near 20 times and you just can't seem to land an interview, or even hear back from an employer. You're stuck, and with each failed effort the idea of throwing in the towel and moving somewhere pretty like Colorado to become a career Starbucks Barista is looking better and better.


Hello All! My name is Julia. I am a recent graduate of Fordham Univeristy in the Bronx NY, going through the post-graduate transition into the "real world." As my peers and I experience the change, I thought it would be helpful for both myself, my peers and future graduates to be reassured that you are not alone in the process, and although a chapter of your life has ended (and it's a bit scary!), the rest of your life is beginning, and there are endless opportunities ahead of us!

The purpose of this blog is to help those wrapping up school to prepare emotionally, physically, economically and mentally for the world of work. My posts will offer resume, cover letter and interview tips, job search ideas, networking tactics, advice for young professionals, information on how to manage your finances, self development pieces, as well as budget friendly ideas on everything from weekend fun to decorating your apartment.

I hope you enjoy my blog and you find my posts both informational and funny! (because I really try to be.)

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  1. I love this topic. My sister just graduated in May and is already finding out how hard it can be to adjust to "real life". I am excited to read more about your ideas and recommendations.