Friday, July 5, 2013

The 7 Day Happiness Challenge

Wednesday on my half day off,  I watched the documentary "Happy" on my commute home from work and immediately knew I wanted to implement  the principles they discussed into my everyday  life. After spending the rest of Wednesday and part of today with my mind racing, reading into how to find (and keep) happiness and reflecting on what happy people do differently than those just "going through the motions" I developed a simple plan and a week long challenge that I hope will divulge the true meaning of happiness.

I am posting the challenge I created  to invite my readers to do the challenge with me! I'm starting Monday (because aren't those the days we need happiness the most !?). The challenge can be done with zero financial costs and shouldn't take more than a half hour each day.

The challenges primary focus is on these three things:
1. Mindfulness
2. Gratitude
3. Kindness and Joy

MindfulnessGratitudeKindness and Joy
Do less, notice more. Many of us spend too much of our time focused either on the past or on the future, paying very little attention to what is happening right now. Practice being still for five minutes a day. When we're mindful we become more aware of our thoughts and feelings and are better able to manage them. Stay in the moment, meditate; reflect on yourself, and reflect on your compassion for others.Be grateful: it’s about much more than saying thank you, it’s about not taking things for granted and building a sense of appreciation for all things in life. Take a minute at the end of each day and write down 3 things you are thankful for. In doing this, even on your worse days you will realize there is still positive to focus on. Express your gratitude and appreciation for the wonderful being that you are, for the many wonderful people and things that are present in your lifefor being loved and loving.Do kind things for others, as the saying goes, "if you want to feel good, do good." Do one kind thing for someone every day. This could be a compliment, a helping hand, a hug, a small gift or something else. Whatever it is, do it with a full heart. Ideally your acts of kindness should be different than the kind things you already do on a regular basis

I am attaching a template I made to track your progress on part 2 of this post, along with some recommendations for daily acts of kindness you can do. Many studies show whether it be a happiness journey, weight loss journey or academic journey, keeping records improves the likelihood of a goal's successful completion.

At the end of the 7 days, I'm going out to celebrate my accomplishment! Do you think you can make these practices part of your daily life? Are you willing to give happiness a try? I'll post a reply and let you know how I did!

Smile on!!!

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