Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Elevator Pitches: A Follow Up On My Wikipedia Post

About a month ago I wrote a blog entry about elevator pitches. My post divulged into the importance of creating an elevator pitch for young professionals, when and how it can be used and how to build one. 

For the purpose of the post, in looking to define "elevator pitch" I noticed that specific details I deemed important were not discussed on the Elevator Pitch Wikipedia page. I decided to tack on information discussing why an elevator speech is important and what an elevator pitch should include. 

Today I checked back on the Elevator Pitch Wikipedia post, to see if my add on's were left for curious readers. Unfortunately, I came to find that my edits were removed!

I guess someone thought the added details were not worth mentioning. However, I continue to emphasize just how useful elevator pitches are, for everything from creating cover letters, to email or interview introductionsfrom mentor requests to casual networking encounters and leaving voice mails.  

The elevator pitch is so important because it is the first thing that people ever hear or read about you and sets the stage for why a person should spend time looking at your resume which leads to an interview which leads to the job offer! 

I cannot emphasize just how much  an elevator pitch can help round out your job hunting arsenal. Even though Wikipedia doesn't seem to agree, it's important to write one! If you need help writing your pitch, my entry on elevator pitches gives some good ideas on how to get started.

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