Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Introducing: 5 Item Mondays

Got a case of the Mondays? I'm here to help get you packed, and ready to go!

I’m launching a new regular feature: 5 Item Monday— that allows you to peek into the desks, backpacks, purses and closets of awesome, young professionals. Let these "5 Item Monday" posts inspire you when packing your bag and getting ready for your work week!

Meet Erica Moss, an energetic and motivated online marketing coordinator for Ann Taylor. In her free time, she enjoys exploring NYC with her English bulldog, Mona. she also adores TV, photography, pop culture, cured and twitter.

Erica, show us whats on your desk!

Moleskine Notebook: While almost 100% of my job is executed online, there will never be a replacement for pen and paper. This beautiful notebook is perfect for jotting down notes during a meeting, or brainstorming for the next quarter’s projects at my desk.

Sunglasses: You never know when you might have to run out for a quick meeting over coffee, or perhaps take a much-needed break for ice cream on a hot, summer day. In my book, it doesn’t get any better than Warby Parker, and they donate a pair for every pair sold. Check out the Paley, Preston, Everett and Madison — for starters.

Notecards: Never let anyone tell you the handwritten note is dead. These little diddies are great for congratulating a co-worker on a recent promotion, or leaving a simple note to thank someone for his or her help on a particularly challenging project.

iPad Mini: This is my favorite necessity that’s not really a necessity. It’s just pretty to look at, and I use it to keep track of my social media mentions throughout the day, and also to jot down to-do lists and ideas, both personal professional. It fits in the palm of my hand and can travel with me anywhere, either in its case or tossed in my purse. Must-have app: Netflix.

MacBook Pro: If you couldn’t already tell, I’m an Apple girl, so a MacBook is essential in keeping me at my most efficient. I find that they’re more intuitive than their PC comrades, and are more conducive to the types of creative projects I’m tasked with. I like to personalize mine a bit, even though it’s for work, with the Kate Spade theme for Chrome and lovely wallpapers that add a little pop of color. Life-saver apps: Jing and Spotify.

So get to packin' readers and don't forget these essentials to jump start your work week!

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